Veteran's ID Card

A veteran who meets the eligibility and residency requirements for a free veteran's driver's license and still cannot obtain one may be eligible for a free veteran's ID card. A veteran is not eligible for a Georgia ID card if in possession of a valid driver's license from another state.

For clarification regarding eligibility qualifications, please refer to the Veteran's Driver's License section.

In order to obtain a free veteran's ID card, the applicant must take proof of qualifying service and residency to a GDVS Veterans Field Service Office. A service officer will verify eligibility and issue a completed Certificate of Eligibility (DS-516). The applicant must then take the completed DS-516, together with all required identifying documents (birth certificate or passport; Social Security card; two documents showing residential address; and, if applicable, name change documentation) to a Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) office. A DDS representative will verify eligibility and issue a free veteran's ID card.

For more information, call 678-413-8400, or visit the Department of Driver Services.