Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemeteries Join Wreaths Across America

November 15, 2012

Once again, both Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemeteries will participate in Wreaths Across America. The wreath-laying events will be held at GVMC-Glennville and GVMC-Milledgeville on Saturday, Dec. 15. Fund-raising for wreath sponsorships is ongoing, with a Nov. 26 deadline.

Although GVMC sites are among more than 700+ hosts who participate in this annual event, the Georgia Department of Veterans Service is not directly involved in the fund-raising or the organization of Wreaths Across America. The following press release and fund-raising links are therefore provided only as a courtesy to those who may be interested in participating in Wreaths Across America, whether as donors, attendees, or both.


"2012 will mark the 21st anniversary of Worcester Wreath Company donating Maine wreaths to adorn the headstones of our Nation’s veterans at Arlington National Cemetery. In 2011, Wreaths Across America and a national network of volunteers laid over 320,000 memorial wreaths at 741 locations in the United States and beyond. This was accomplished with help from 1185 fundraising groups, corporate contributions, and donations of trucking, shipping, and thousands of helping hands.

"In response to the many voices who wanted to share in the project, the non-profit Wreaths Across America organization was formed (EIN: 20-8362270) to expand the program by offering supporters the opportunity to sponsor a wreath. Our goal is to one day see every veterans grave in the country covered to honor every veteran during the holidays. In 2008 WAA expanded once again to give even more organizations the chance to help bring our goal to fruition by providing the opportunity to fund raise for their organizations needs along with helping Wreaths Across America gather sponsorships for wreaths.

"Sponsorships are $15 each. Proceeds place a wreath at one of the participating cemeteries, help support our fundraising partners, educational and veterans services outreach. Please note that all sponsorships are sent directly to the location and no wreaths are sent to the individuals purchasing sponsorships.

"There is no stipulation for participation in these activities. We welcome all to join us at Wreaths Across America as the organization was formed to promote and coordinate sponsorship of wreaths for the other national, state and local cemeteries that have shown a desire to emulate the Arlington wreath-laying event. If you would like to participate or help bring sponsored wreaths to your local community, please contact us and we will help connect you with other groups already working in your area."


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