New Commemorative Service and Military Medal Award License Plates Now Available

May 2, 2013

In accordance with recently passed legislation, the Motor Vehicle Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue has designed several new license plates to honor the service of Georgia's veterans.

The new plates include Campaign/Tour of Duty License Plates for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and Service Award License Plates for recipients of 15 military medals.

Additionally, designs for existing plates (including Campaign/Tour of Duty License Plates for veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Operation Desert Storm; and plates for military retirees and active duty members of the Reserves and Georgia National Guard) have been updated to match the new plate design. 

Below is the announcement from the Department of Revenue regarding the new plates. The two documents referred to as attachments are linked at the bottom of this webpage.

If you need assistance determining which plate(s) you may qualify for, or if you need to obtain a copy of your DD Form 214 (required for application), contact any GDVS Veterans Field Service Office for assistance. 

-- GDVS Public Information Division



From: Georgia Steele, Assistant Director, Motor Vehicle Division, Georgia Department of Revenue
Subject: New License Plates -- Military Tags (Including the War in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan)

Last year, the State of Georgia General Assembly passed legislation (HB 732) authorizing the creation of several new military license plates. New veteran license plates have been created and the current veteran plates have been redesigned. The new military plates now feature the United States flag in the background – this design style will be reserved for military plates only.
Attached is a listing of all of the license plates and their two digit GRATIS identifier. Once an order has been placed with the county tag office, a TOP must be issued and the actual license plate (similar to the samples attached) will be mailed to the vehicle owner directly.

Please note:
- These plates do not use the two letter designators on the license plates such as the Army Retired Plate – XA 1234.
- The new plates will follow a random three letters and three numbers plate messaging sequence.
- These plates are not available for prestige plate order requests.

Plate Fee Structure:

Disabled Veteran: Free for one vehicle – 2 tags (front and back)

All other tags: Free for one vehicle. *Additional tags: $25 manufacturing fee plus $20 annual registration fee.

Ad Valorem tax exemption (either annual property or title tax): This applies to one vehicle registered to 100% Service connected Veteran, Prisoner of War, Veteran awarded a Purple Heart, and Medal of Honor. All other tags are subject to ad valorem taxation.

Eligibility Requirements: Please refer to the new MV-9W form (attached) for all requirements.

Both the current and the newly designed versions are valid once legally registered to passenger vehicles (and in some cases trailers) and should not be cited for improper registration due to the change in the plate design. The old style military plates will continue to be in circulation until such time they are surrendered by the vehicle owner.
Feel free to visit our website at to see larger images of the plates and to read the details as to each plate's special qualifying requirements.