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The Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery – Glennville is situated on the 42.6- acre site of the former Dyess Farm, just north of the Glennville, Georgia city limits. It is located along U.S. Highway 301, 25 miles west of the main post of Fort Stewart. The initial 26-acre phase of the cemetery contains 1,400 pre-placed in-ground double vaults, for eligible veterans, their spouses, and eligible dependents; 766 conventional single-depth sites; 1,384 cremation interment sites, which include a columbarium and in-ground sites; and 429 spaces for memorial markers. These memorial markers are placed in memory of those veterans whose remains are unavailable for burial.

A key feature of the cemetery is the co-location of the Glennville Veterans Service Office in the Administration Building and Visitor Center. This office provides assistance to veterans and their families with applications for veterans benefits and claims. The office provides service to veterans and their families in Bryan, Liberty, Long, Tattnall, and Wayne counties.
GVMC–Glennville was dedicated on November 28, 2007 and will eventually be the final resting place for more than 21,000 veterans and their spouses and eligible dependents. As of December 31, 2012, there were 491 veterans, spouses, and family members interred in the cemetery.

In 2012, the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery – Glennville hosted its annual Memorial Day ceremony to honor veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the Glennville American Legion post and the Glennville Veterans of Foreign Wars post. Col. Kimo C. Gallahue, Commander of Ft Stewart’s 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, was the guest speaker for the ceremony. He took the opportunity to inform the crowd of the importance of Memorial Day to American citizens, as a to time honor today’s soldiers as well as soldiers of the past who have all sacrificed. He spoke of today’s soldiers growing up in the shadow of 9/11, to many of them serving multiple tours in Iraq and now Afghanistan, and to the ones who came home in flag-draped caskets. He urged the crowd to keep the barbecues going, enjoy the parades, and celebrate at the concerts while remembering on this day and every day the sacrifice and price paid for our freedom. Also, Cemetery Director Ernie Cowart gave a short speech about Memorial Day and covered the beginnings of the holiday to its place in today’s world. Over 100 people attended the ceremony during a rainy spring day.
For Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Boy Scout Troop 929 placed American flags at the grave sites of the veterans interred in the cemetery. In December, the Bonaventure Children of the American Revolution Society sponsored a Wreaths Across America ceremony to place wreaths at all the interment sites in the cemetery. The Air Force JROTC of Effingham County High School took part in the ceremony and provided the color guard. Stephanie Lawless, director of the Toombs County High School Band, performed “Taps.” Also involved in the ceremony were members of the Brunswick Civil Air Patrol and area Boy Scouts. A crowd of more than 150 people attended the ceremony and then helped place wreaths at the graves.

Cemetery staff members remain active in the local community by meeting frequently with business groups, veterans organizations, and other various groups. 

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, except on state holidays
Interment Hours: 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday-Friday
Visitation Hours: 8 a.m.-dusk, daily