The Georgia Department of Veterans Service has been awarded a grant of $2,436,388 by the Department of Veterans Affairs for the expansion of the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Milledgeville, Georgia.

The project will develop approximately 15 acres and serve 105,326 veterans and their families.

“This grant will ensure the GDVS can continue to provide Georgia’s veterans with access to our excellent state veterans cemeteries,” said GDVS Commissioner Mike Roby.

“The expansion will include the construction of 1,520 pre-placed crypts, 320 columbarium niches, roadways, landscaping, irrigation and supporting infrastructure,” said Dan Holtz, Assistant Commissioner for Administration, Health and Memorials.

“We are proud to honor the dignity and memory of each person at our cemeteries,” said Commissioner Roby. “Offering an honorable resting place to Georgia’s veterans and their families remains important to the GDVS.”

Dedicated in 2001, the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Milledgeville sits on 142 acres with an administration/visitor center, a committal chapel, and a carillon. It was last expanded in 2011.

As of June 30, 2017, there are 3,081 veterans, spouses, and eligible dependents buried at the GVMC. The burials are composed of 2,132 casketed burials, 553 cremations in the columbarium, 368 in-ground cremations, and 28 memorial markers.

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