In a meeting held earlier this summer, the Governor-appointed Veterans Service Board selected Mike Roby of McDonough as the Commissioner of Veterans Service for an additional 4-year term.

During the new business section of their June meeting, the board chose Roby, a 25-year veteran of the GDVS, to continue to lead the Department of Veterans Service. Commissioner Roby’s second term officially commenced on July 1, 2019, following confirmation from the Office of Governor Brian Kemp.

“It is an honor to be selected to continue serving Georgia’s veterans,” said Commissioner Roby. “I am humbled, and I want to thank the board for their continued confidence in me and my vision for the department.”

“As commissioner, it is my priority to see that all Georgia veterans and their families continue to be treated with the utmost respect and the highest level of service by the Georgia Department of Veterans Service,” Roby pointed out. “I want to continue to enhance the programs and services we offer to those who served and their families. As an Army veteran myself, and with a family history of military service totaling 107 years of combined service, veterans are and always will be close to my heart.”

As outlined in the state constitution, the seven-member Veterans Service Board selects the Commissioner of Veterans Service to serve as the executive officer of the Department of Veterans Service. The commissioner is charged with the administrative responsibilities of the department in conformity with the orders, rules, and regulations of the board.

Together the board and the commissioner – who, by law, must be war veterans themselves – work to fulfill the mission of the Department of Veterans Service to serve Georgia’s 700,000-plus veterans and their families in all matters pertaining to veterans benefits.

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