Over the last 245 years, more than a million American servicemembers have put their lives on the line for the sake of peace and freedom.

Memorial Day is a day to remember the service of 245 years of American sons and daughters who have answered the call of duty and joined our nation’s military.

A day to reflect on 245 years of American citizens who put on the uniform of our country in the defense of our nation.

A day to respect 245 years of American service members who have paid the ultimate price.

We cannot forget to honor their memory.

On Memorial Day, we take time to honor those brave souls who answered the call to duty, those daring individuals who heard the call to serve in the defense of principles greater than themselves.

Their determination to protect the principles of justice and liberty for all are a tremendous example of the American spirit. They are and will forever be upstanding examples of who we are and what we stand for as a nation.  

We take time to remember those who cherished liberty and loved freedom enough to sacrifice their lives in the preservation of peace for their fellow countrymen.

Because those courageous men and women gave everything and paid the ultimate price, the American dream lives on. We live today in gratitude for their service and their sacrifice.

Memorial Day is also a time to remember our Gold Star families. The loss is real and personal for those left behind. They deserve the appreciation of a grateful nation for all they have endured.

On Monday, May 31st, we encourage all Georgians to take the time to honor those who died in the defense of our nation. 

Take a moment to pause and remember our fallen heroes who gave their lives in service to our nation. Take a moment to say, “Thank You.”

Those courageous men and women will never be forgotten.

We remain forever grateful to those who gave so much in the defense of us all.

May God bless our fallen servicemembers, our current active-duty service members, their families, and the United States of America.

Mike Roby