The Georgia Department of Veterans Service (GDVS) is here to help veterans and their families to file claims for benefits with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The GDVS’s mission falls into two basic tasks. We inform veterans and their families about veteran benefits. We offer direct support and advice to veterans and their families to secure their earned benefits.

Veterans and their families can receive personal assistance in filing for state and VA benefits at any GDVS field service office. Our VA accredited veterans field service officers can explain veterans benefits policies and regulations.

The VA processes every claim submitted by a field service officer. After review, veterans receive a decision and an explanation about why it was or was not approved.

If veterans or their families disagree with the VA’s decision on their claim, the GDVS Appeals Division is available for help at no cost. Instead of needing to hire a lawyer, GDVS Appeals Officers assist veterans with personal hearings before local VA officials and review boards.

The GDVS can also help Georgians who are having problems getting into the VA healthcare system. We work with VA to help Georgia veterans receive their needed care promptly for new patients, specialty patients, mental health patients, and returning patients in VA medical facilities.

As well as helping veterans receive their federal veterans benefits, the GDVS oversees benefits offered by the State of Georgia. This includes special motor vehicle license plates, discounted hunting and fishing licenses, discounts at certain Department of Natural Resources facilities, and Certificates of Exemption from payment of certain fees and taxes.

All Georgia veterans, regardless of when or where they served, should visit a GDVS field service office for information about their eligibility for earned federal and state benefits and get help applying for them.

Contact information for GDVS field service offices is listed at Veterans may also call 404-656-2300 for more information. 

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For more information on the content of this news release, please contact the GDVS Public Information Division at 404-656-5933 or [email protected].