Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Whitetailed deer and bass are some of the animals found in Georgia.

Hunting and fishing licenses are administered by the Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

For more information, visit or call 800-366-2661.

Georgia residency is a requirement for each of the following.

Returning Veterans

Returning veterans are entitled to a free one-year honorary full privilege sportsman's license, including all state paid recreational hunting and fishing privileges.

Eligibility: Veterans discharged from active duty as members of a regular or reserve component of any branch of service, as well as Georgia National Guard members ordered to federal duty for a period of 90 days or longer.

Permanently and Totally Disabled

Veterans with a permanent and total disability rating from VA (or another government agency) for a physical or mental impairment which prevents gainful employment are eligible. Veterans disabled because of a mental impairment will only be issued a free honorary fishing license.

Totally Blind

Eligible for a free lifetime honorary fishing license. 

Age 65 and Older

Eligible for a free lifetime senior hunting and fishing license.