Driving License Renewal Extension for Combat Deployed

Military personnel on active duty can request a Georgia driver's license/ID card renewal through the mail. Georgia also allows a six-month grace period for a service member whose Georgia driver's license expires while on active duty outside the state.


Employment Preference

A 5-point credit is extended to war veterans seeking employment with the State of Georgia. A 10-point credit is extended to veterans with a VA service-connected disability rating of 10 percent or more.


High School Diplomas for Certain War Veterans

A veteran who failed to receive a high school diploma due to an interruption of education by service in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam is eligible to obtain the diploma. Apply at the board of education of the school district where the veteran attended high school.


Motor Fuel Service for Disabled Veterans

When a gasoline station offers both full-service and self-service, a station employee shall, upon request, provide full-service at the self-service price to a disabled veteran, provided: 1) the disabled veteran is driving a vehicle bearing Disabled Veteran license plates, and 2) the disabled veteran is not accompanied by a person capable of pumping fuel (16 years or older and not disabled).


Parking for Disabled Veterans

If a Disabled Veteran license plate is properly displayed, the veteran is authorized to park in parking areas designated for persons with disabilities. (No additional parking permit is required.)


State Park Entrance Fee Reduction

Georgia veterans with a discharge from the U.S. armed forces under honorable conditions and a VA service-connected disability rating are eligible for a 25 percent reduction of the entrance fee to state parks, historical sites, and recreational areas.

To apply, bring DD Form 214, verification of service-connected disability, and proof of residency to a GDVS Veterans Field Service Office. A service officer will verify eligibility and forward the application to the GDVS Central Office. If approved, the state park discount card will be mailed.


Vital Statistics

Veterans and their families may obtain copies of marriage, divorce, birth, and death documents without charge, provided the copies are to be used for establishing disability or death claims. For assistance, contact the Georgia Department of Public Health, Office of Vital Records: 404-679-4702 or dph.georgia.gov.