The spouse of a qualified veteran, whose disabilities preclude operating a motor vehicle, is eligible for a free honorary driver's license. 

The surviving un-remarried spouse of an eligible deceased veteran may also receive a free honorary veteran driver's license. 

You must be a current Georgia resident to qualify. 

In order to obtain an honorary veteran driver's license, you will need to visit a GDVS Field Office with documentation verifying the veteran's disabilities that prevent the operation of a motor vehicle or a copy of the spouse's death certificate, whichever is applicable. A service officer will verify eligibility and issue a completed Certificate of Eligibility (DS-516).

The spouse should take the required documents, any required identifying documents (birth certificate or passport; Social Security card; two documents showing residential address; and, if applicable, name change documentation) to a Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) office. A DDS representative will administer a vision exam, verify eligibility, and issue a free honorary veteran driver's license.