Rules and Regulations

The State Approving Agency (SAA) operates under contract with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As such, the SAA has its foundation in federal law, Title 38, United State Code (USC).

The SAA operates as part of the government of the State of Georgia, and maintains the state's authority to approve or disapprove veterans' education and training programs. They serve, prevent abuses, and promote equality in veterans' education by evaluating and monitoring education and training programs.

The Code of Federal Regulations [38 CFR 21.4151(b)] summarizes the SAA responsibilities under the law:

  • inspect and supervise schools and training establishments within Georgia,
  • determine programs of education and training which may be approved for veterans and other eligible persons,
  • determine whether a school or training establishment at all times complies with established standards relating to the approved programs, and
  • render services and obtain information necessary for VA to approve or disapprove programs offered by any agency or instrumentality of the federal government within Georgia.

The USC further requires the SAA to cooperate with VA and pay particular attention to:

  • enforcing approval standards,
  • enforcing enrollment restrictions, and
  • identifying fraudulent and other criminal activities by persons connected with educational institutions and training establishments where veterans are enrolled.

As a part of the state government, the SAA is responsible for enforcing standards set by the various branches and licensing agencies of the state of Georgia.