Approval Process for Educational Institutions

The approval process starts with you, the school official. The process takes some of your time but that is the only cost associated with this program.

Again, the start of this process begins with you. Simply send us a letter requesting approval to train veterans and other eligible persons. Once we receive the written inquiry, we will mail an appropriate approval packet to you, requesting catalogs and/or other data from your school. There are only three stipulations. First, if you are licensed by a Georgia State or federal agency, you must be in compliance with all their criteria; and, second, the school must have been in continuous operation for at least two years. The two year rule does not apply to institutions of higher learning (degree granting institutions). Third, you must have a letter of authorization or exemption from Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission. We will mail the application package within two weeks of receipt of your letter.

Upon receipt of the application, please provide the data as requested. If you have any questions as to what we are requesting, please call us. There is a telephone number in the instruction sheet for that purpose. When we receive your package, one of our coordinators will review it for completeness. This individual will usually be your point of contact for the remainder of the original approval process. When the packet is complete, we will call and set up a mutually agreed time to meet at your location for an approval visit. This visit serves as an inspection of the premises, a review of all necessary licenses, and most importantly, a face-to-face meeting for training and to answer any and all questions. At this time, we will go over certification forms needed to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) to enroll the veteran. Instructions will be provided. We will also cover the record keeping requirements, and provide a check list of items needed to be retained. We have kept them to a minimum. We will leave a number to call us during the work week to answer your questions.

Upon completion of the original visit, and assuming all approved items are covered, we will then forward the completed package to DVA for their acceptance. You will receive a notice from DVA that your school has been accepted, and that you may begin certifying the attendance of veterans in your program(s).

This process usually takes 30-60 days depending upon completion of the packet, letters, etc. If you have veterans currently enrolled, we are allowed by law to backdate the approval for up to one (1) year, depending on the start date of the veteran's training. This usually covers any delays in the approval process. One of our goals is to see that the veteran receives benefits due him or her.

After receipt of the original visit and approval package, we will ask you for an annual update of the approval package. This is required when the school publishes a new catalog. Also, if you have had any veterans enrolled for the fiscal year (October-September), we will conduct an annual supervisory visit to your school to check veterans records. If you have not had any veterans enrolled that year, we will not schedule a visit. The approval to train veterans is strictly voluntary on your part, and can be withdrawn upon your request at any time. We would only ask that you provide for completion of training of currently enrolled veterans.

If after reading this, you think you may want to acquire approval for veterans training, contact us. We are eager to assist you in this approval process. If you need more information, please write us or call 404-656-2306 or fax 404-657-6276.

To request an Application for Approval of an Educational Institution, write to:

Ms. Lily Snyder, Director
State Approving Agency
Department of Veterans Service
Floyd Veterans Memorial Bldg.
Suite E-954
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4800

The letter should include:

  • a statement requesting approval to train veterans under the provisions of Title 38, United States Code
  • name(s) of program(s) for which you are requesting approval
  • type of term (semester, quarter, etc.) and length of program
  • name address and phone number of contact person